The LGBTIQ*Filmproject Queerfugees is looking for interview partners*

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Queerfugees is a documentary film project by LGBTIQ* people about the experiences LGBTIQ* refugees made in their homecountries and on their way to Germany.

Our partners are the „Medienprojekt Wuppertal“ and the „schlau Düsseldorf“ lgbt-education team.

We wish to use this movie for antidiscriminational and educational purposes and spread it on DVD and the Medienprojekt’s youtubechannel „Hin und weg“, which is a series of documentaries about migration and the consequences.

For this reason, we seek for people that like to share their experiences and their stories with us.

Some questions, we are curious to know more about:

  • Did u feel your identity was supportive on your escape or did it make you struggle even worse ?
  • Have you been able to be yourselves on your journey?
  • Did you experience that the gender roles or limits did vanish among the refugees because other things were more important on your escape ?

And yeah, we DO know that we dont have any idea, of what you went through.

We will be as sensitive as possible and try to work as delicately as possible with you, in your own tempo and on your own rules. We respect your dignity and nothing is more important to us than respecting your limits and wishes. Until the very end, you are to decide what part of your story we will tell. And if you are too afraid to show your face or your voice, whe can make it as anonymously as you wish to.

If you want to participate, please use our contact page.